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We use VIRO and REHAU Synthetic Fiber for our Wicker Furniture Products

Viro and Rehau is superior quality, polyethylene-based fiber, high flexibility and tensile strength.Viro and Rehau is leader in the industry, used by the top brands in Europe and US. Viro and Rehau is designed to be insensitive to temperature differences.

Viro and Rehau fiber would not fade, even if exposed to extreme weather conditions during summer and winter. These synthetic fiber are non-toxic (when burned, no toxic substances are generated) and 100% recyclable.

Viro and Rehau synthetic fiber is resistant to rain, salt water and chlorine, so it is safe to be used at the beach and by the pool side. No special maintenance is needed. Simple cleaning using a wet cloth, Occasional cleaning using soap is recommended.

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All Weather Wicker Furniture

Wicker Synthetic Fiber comes in three different shapes. The three shapes are: PEEL, STRAP & ROD according to the fiber structure. Perfect Fusion use all three different fiber types in its products.

Wicker Sofa Sets And Wicker Living Sets

Aries Wicker Sofa Set Wicker L-Shape Sofa Gulmohar Sofa Set Pedro Wicker Sofa set
(WS001) (WS002) (WS003) (WS004)
Wicker Modula Sofa Set Wicker Oasis Sofa Tobby Wicker Sofa Valencia Sofa Set
(WS005) (WS006) (WS007) (WS008)
Wicker Sofa Set Synthetic Wicker Sofa Wicker Sofa Lorrine Synthetic Rattan set
(WS009) (WS010) (WS011) (WS012)
Middas Wicker Set Wicker Patio Set Wicker Lounge Sofa
(WS013) (WS014) (WS015)
Natural Color Synthetic Rattan Sofa Set
Corousel Wicker Lounge Chair Hola Lounge Chair Trinity Wicker Lounge Set Sefid Wicker Lounge Chair
(WS017) (WS018) (WS019) (WS020)

Wicker Chairs

Wicker Bromo Chair Wicker Dining Chair Trinity Wicker Chair Kubo Wicker Chair Wicker Chair
(WC01) (WC02) (WC03) (WC04) (WC05)
Wicker Stacking Chair Sefid Wicker Chair Lorrine Wicker Chair
(WC06) (WC07) (WC08)
Sedan Wicker Chair Wicker Arm Chair Flexi Wicker Chair Stacking Side Chair Wicker Side Chair
WC09) (WC10) (WC11) (WC12) (WC13)

All Weather Wicker Dining Table Sets

Wicker Calla Dining set Round Dining Table Set Wicker table teak Top
(WD001) (WD002) (WD003)
Wicker Gulmohar Dining Set Wicker Table Set Wicker Dining set
(WD004) (WD005) (WD006)
Wicker Dining Set Wicker Round Table Set Wicker Round Dining set
(WD007) (WD008) (WD009)
Wicker Dining Table Set Trinity Wicker Dining Set Somerset Wicker Dining Set
(WD010) (WD011) (WD012)
Wicker Dining Table Set Dining Set inlay glass Synthetic Wicker Dining Set
(WD013) (WD014) (WD015)
Wicker Garden Dining Set Round wicker Dining set
(WD016) (WD017)
Garden Dining set

Wicker Breakfast Table Sets

Wicker Breakfast Table Serena Breakfast Set Trinity Wicker Breakfast Set
(WBT01) (WBT02) (WBT03)
Breakfast Table Set Orchard Wicker Set Breakfast Set
(WBT04) (WBT05) (WBT06)
Gulmohar Wicker table Calla table Padio Wicker Set
(WBT07) (WBT08) (WBT09)
Wicker table Set Wicker table Set Wicker table Set
(WBT10) (WBT11) (WBT12)
Wicker table With Umbrella Wicker Garden Break fast set Wicker table With Umbrella
(WBT13) (WBT14) (WBT15)
Wicker Garden Set Wicker Table Teak Top set Patio Break fast wicker set
(WBT16) (WBT17) (WBT18)

Wicker Sun Lounger, Wicker Pool and Patio Sets

Oasis Wicker Lounge Bromo Wicker lounge Nivelle Wicker Lounge
(WL001) (WL002) (WL003)
Wicker Contemporary lounge Wicker Lounger with Arms Gulmohar Wicker lounge
(WL004) (WL005) (WL006)
Somerset Wicker Lounger Lorrance Wicker Lounger Serena Wicker Lounger
(WL007) (WL008) (WL009)
Confesus Recliner Chair Sedan lounger Sefid Wicker lounger
(WL010) (WL011) (WL012)
Wicker Minimalist Lounger Wicker Wave Lounger Wicker Pure Lounger
(WL013) (WL014) (WL015)

Wicker Day Bed & Love Seat

Wicker Love Seat Wicker Day Bed Wicker Day Bed
(WDB01) (WDB02) (WDB03)

Wicker Swing

Egg Shape Swing Luniar Wicker Swing Wicker Swing
(WS1) (WS2) (WS3)

Wicker Cabinets

Outdoor Wicker Cabinet 3 Door Wicker Cabinet 4 Door Wicker Cabinet Patio Wicker Cabinet
(WCA1) (WCA2) (WCA3) (WCA4)
Wicker Cabinet

Wicker Planter and Vass

Wicker Vass Wicker Planter Wicker Planter
(WV01) (WV02) (WV03)

Wicker Bar Sets

Wicker Bar table Wicker Bar & Chair High Table & Chair Trinity Bar Set
(WBS1) (WBS2) (WBS3) (WBS4)
Bar Set
Wicker Bar Cabinet

Wicker Side Tables

Wicker Side Table Wicker Side table Aries Side table Wicker Sides Wicker Side Table Side Table Sefid Side Table
(WST1) (WST2) (WST3) (WST4) (WST5) (WST6) (WST7)

Wicker Center Table

Wicker Square Coffee Table Sefid Wicker Centre Table Minimalist Wicker Coffee table
(WCT1) (WCT2) (WCT3)
Aries Coffee Table Wicker Centre Table Wicker Coffee Table
(WCT4) (WCT5) (WCT6)

Wicker Table Teak Wood Top

Wicker Rectangle Table Wicker Round Teak Top
(WT01) (WT02)

Wicker Bench

Wicker Back Bess Bench Wicker Backless Bench Wicker Bench
(WBB1) (WBB2) (WBB3)
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